Toronto for Everyone: An Honest Farewell

This February has been an incredible journey into the world of Ed Mirvish & Honest Ed's. Together, with five other interdisciplinary artists, I helped create an immersive replica of the legendary department store - complete with a life-size, light-up sign!

It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience, we met & planned for months in advance, & then spent a week in the actual space - we basically lived there - putting together all the pieces. It was a wild ride & I am honoured to have been part of such a special farewell event, in celebration of one of Toronto's most memorable landmarks.

The artists I worked with, which composed The Honest 6ix were:

Laura Barrett - music, teaching, improvisation, games and play

Ana Jofre - puppet-building, 3D sculptures, electronics

Romana Kassam - murals, visuals, aesthetics, crafting

Paul Moliere - video installation, projections, mirrors, older/analog video equipment, projection mapping

Alicia Payne - acting, writing, facilitating, teaching, producing

We were also fortunate to have a ton of press for the event, which you can check out below!

Love, Bo

NOW Magazine: An Honest Farewell: goodbye Honest Ed's, hello Toronto's diverse future
Toronto Life: A look inside the wacky art maze that’s taking over Honest Ed’s this weekend
The Toronto Star: Farewell bash at Honest Ed’s a party for everyone

blogTO: Huge crowd shows up to say goodbye to Honest Ed's

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