Tunnel Vision Video Release

As you may remember, a few years ago I began working with SExT: Sex Education by Theatre, as their choreographer & movement director. Thanks to their incredible director, Shira Taylor, I have had the immense privilege of continuing to work with the cast over the years to continue developing the choreography & revisiting their powerful production.

This fall was really special, as SExT - in partnership with The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) - made music videos for two of their original songs. The first, Bodak Consent, plays on Cardi B's epic summer hit Bodak Yellow, & teaches the concept of consensual sexual behaviour. The second video was Tunnel Vision (featured below), an original song with lyrics written & performed by SExT cast member, Mary Getachew. It's based on her personal experience with, & journey healing from, intimate partner violence. It was tough for me to choreograph a duet that embodied the challenges of this relationship & I am so grateful to Mary for inspiring me with her courage & entrusting me with helping to tell her story. The video was released on November 24th 2018, in honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

To learn more about SExT: Sex Education by Theatre, you can visit their website here.

Love, Bo

DIRECTED by Elena Juatco

PRODUCED by Shira Taylor


VIDEOGRAPHY by Fred Yurichuk

EDITED by Fred Yurichuk

LYRICS by Mary Getachew

MUSIC by Elena Juatco

VOCALS by Mary Getachew

GUITAR by Elena Juatco


PERFORMED by Mary Getachew with Aleef Khan Featuring► Thuriga Balasubramanam Isfandyar Virani Emma Wheaton

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