Composing for Dance: Performance!

Thursday, February, 2nd @ 7:30pm - Walter Hall - University of Toronto

This past fall I had the privilege of participating in a course at the University of Toronto called Composing for Dance. Together there were six of us choreographers [Aria Evans, Miles Gosse, Angela Blumberg, Jillian Peever, and Tracey Norman] + twelve incredible composers.

The course was facilitated and guided by Norbert Palej and Angela Blumberg. Every Friday we got to learn / share / laugh / listen / dance / create - it was the best. Over the course of the semester, we made a ton of AWESOME ART and now we get to share it! Full information on the event is available here.

Come witness our creations, performed to live music (!!), it's such a treat and the space is pure magic.


I will be performing two solos: Interplay, which was crafted with composer Steven Webb - I interact with a microphone + percussionist, and basically get to make my own music as I go, which is WAY TOO FUN!! The other piece is to solo percussion, currently Unititled, crafted in collaboration with composer Stephanie Orlando - you'll see an excerpt of it below. S/O to Jonny Smith on percussion!! he. is. phenomenal.

Can't make it Thursday? Interplay will also be performed on Friday, February 3rd at 8pm - so you could come then too!

SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG POST. I'm just so excited & it's going to be so fun!!

I hope you can make it


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