i'll wait for you
i'll wait for you
I run to you
I run to you
Taking a breath
Taking a breath
If You Leave premiered at the
Toronto International Short Film Festival (2016) & was also showcased at the Utah Dance Film Festival (2017)

Robert Pilichowski & I collaborated on a little project that stemmed from the need to just get in a space & feed our souls. Inspired by the song "I Run to You" by Missio, we spent a day doing just that. This is the result.

If You Leave is a short contemporary dance film about a woman's relentless devotion and loyalty to a partner who is no longer a part of her life. An industrial warehouse space filled with an atmosphere of nostalgia sets the stage. Amidst a thick layer of smoke a woman appears. Her lover has left a gaping void in her life. She stands alone, left only with her thoughts, the gravity of her situation is palpable. Her movements fluid and subtle at times are drastically contrasted with emotionally charged moments and bursts of energy. Overwhelmed with passion her body eventually crumbles to the ground. Although physically spent, her mind still lingers, never really letting go. 


HUGE LOVE to everyone who made that day what it was; this little film what it is. Couldn't have done it without you XO


Director / Cinematographer / Editor Robert Pilichowski

Choreographer / Dancer [me!]

Camera Assistant & Sound / Jack Weisman

Hair & Makeup / Brooke Palsson

Production Assistant / Jessamine Fok / Fernando Garcia

Color House / alter ego

Colorist / Clinton Homuth

Sound Mix / Tyson Kuteyi

Location / Clay & Paper Theatre

Music / Missio - "I Run To You"

PS Extra thanks to Missio for permission to use their beautiful track I Run to You.